Natural Awareness

awareness and energy practices
from the Buddhist and Taoist traditions

George Draffan
Seattle Washington



  TaiJi / Qigong




Nothing is permanent or solid; we are free. Everything is interdependent; we are not in control. Suffering arises; we are responsible. 


bhuta bhutati passato
see what is as it is

everything is like a dream
like an illusion
an hallucination
a mirage
a reflection in a mirror
an echo
a projection
a water bubble
like lightning
like a rainbow

Resources of Interest

If stubborn habits
of attachment and aversion
are not reversed, then
meditation is as meaningless
as a gopher hibernating in a hole.

~ Jamgon Kongtrul, Creation and Completion

Let the flower of compassion
bloom in the soil of kindness.
Tend it with the pure water of equanimity in the cool shade of joy.
~ Longchenpa, Kindly Bent to Ease Us

Kindness is in our power,
even when fondness is not.
~ Samuel Johnson

You're never too poor
to pay attention.
~ Jim Dodge

Just as the ocean has one taste,
the taste of salt,
even so this Dhamma
has one taste too,
the taste of freedom.
~ Buddha, Uposatha Sutta

Where there is fixation
there is error.
~ Jamgon Kongtrul

Cast away decisively
Let go with ease
Dismantle thoroughly
Gently let be
~ Serlingpa

memento mori
memento vivere

Let go of the past.
Let go of the future.
Let go of the present.
~ Dhammapada 348

Lean over to watch the river
slipping slowly away beneath you
and you will suddenly know
everything there is to be known.
~ Winnie the Pooh